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[04 Apr 2002|02:53pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

I need a girlfriend.

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[01 Apr 2002|06:48pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

It's good to be out of there... i'm glad to be home. I can't take being with my family for so long.. it makes me remember why i got out. I had to up my anti-depressant dosage... and i still feel like shit.

I'm out.

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[31 Mar 2002|10:30pm]
I decided to fly back to Detroit for Easter to be with my faimly. It's kinda hectic because of touring and all... but we don't have a show planned for another few days, and i needed the break... so i figured i'd go ahead. Scott was being an ass about it, however. He doesn't get a long with his family... so I invited him to come along with me. But no.. he wants to be alone on a religious holiday... He gets his "ass qualities" from his father. I can't stand that man. Flip didn't come home last night... Wherever you are, i hope you're having fun...

Sorry to bore you with this... Just wanted to let you all know what was going on.
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i took the time to write it...you take the time to read it. [30 Mar 2002|10:57am]
[ mood | mellow ]

Family stuff:
Did your parents love you as a child? heh. what parents? oh, those two old people i lived with?

Do they still? hell if i know...ask them.

What is the funniest thing about your family? we're normal

Do you have a "mentor"?
If so, name him/her: no

Are you a "mentor" yourself?
If so, who do you "mentor": thousands of people who's lives i have touched with my music...that's some shit, huh?

Industry related:
Is Rock & Roll the perfect drug? no..it sometimes inspires me to take drugs.

Which movie/song/album/photoshoot/whatever do you wish never to have done/written/sung/released/whatever? no such thing as bad publicity

Be honest: do you screw fans just because they're "there"? No.

Do you know the name of the person/people managing your official fanclub(s)?
If you do, tell me his/her/their name(s) (and try not to cheat and "google" it): No.

What about unofficial ones? No.

Do you sometimes read fan fiction about yourself?
If so, post the link to your favorite story: Yes...and No.

Looking back now, with all the knowledge and practice you have acquired during thost last few years you spent in the limelight - would you still sign that very first contract, that got you here? definitely...we were lucky to get that contract...no one else would sign us. danm you idiots

Would you do anything differently (if so, what)? I would have whooped Scott's ass for spending all our saving's on a "get rich quick" sceme.

Who is scariest: Marilyn Manson, Osama Bin Laden, or Aaron Carter? Aaron Carter...

Life and such:
Name the 5 most important people and/or things in your life: creed, anti-depressants, my guitars

What is the highest level of education you got? some college

How old were you when you lost your innocence? uhhh...no comment.

Have you ever survived on one single item of food/drink for more than a week straight? yes
If so, which was that? strawberries and beer
Do you still eat/drink it? yep...everyday.

Who would you rather have lost your virginity to? (rather than the person who actually took it, that is. It cannot be the one who did) *thinking*...nah, i'm happy with...err...who took it.

Yours truly:
Name at least 3 physical features you would like to change about yourself (physical appearance, personality, whatever): i like me

Did your body "come" the way it is now?
(and if not: what did you change?) yes...minus a few piercings

Which ancient Greek philosopher can you relate to? hell, i don't know. they're all a bunch of damn idiots who thought they had the answers to everything.

You wake up on an average day off. What time is it? 9am...insomnia's a bitch.

Interview stuff:
The most stupid question you have ever been asked during an interview: boxers or breifs...who the hell cares? ah, those obsessive teenage girls.

Your favorite lie to tell journalists, fans and random people who ask:

Classic question:
When did you realize that you were famous? when 101.2 started playing "my own prison", when we got the record deal

How old were you back then? 24-ish

How did it change your personality? didn't change
Your life? no freedom...i liked going to wal-mart in my boxers at 2am to pick up some beer...now i can't walk out of my house without being bombarded by crazy people.
(Notice that I didn't ask whether it did or not. I'm not stupid. I know fame does change people. My question is: HOW)

Would you rather:
- fuck me?
- sleep with me?
- make love to me?

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[30 Mar 2002|01:09am]
Can't sleep...insomnia's a bitch.
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[29 Mar 2002|11:49pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

There's this one minor problem that has been bothering me for a while...

When people hear Creed, they think of Scott. Scott is the frontman, Scott is the voice of the band. He gets all the publicity, whether is be good or bad. Scott would still be on his drug binges and addictions if it weren't for flip, Brent and I for pulling him out, and getting the band together. So why is everything about Scott? Scott didn't write all the lyrics, contrary to what is believed. We, all 3 of us, are behind Creed...not just Scott. What is the fucking problem?

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[29 Mar 2002|10:35pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

So i finally got this journal...i figured i'd get it as a way to vent about things/people.

I'm in a very strange mood right now...i don't know what's wrong with me...

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